Heuft offer vial inspection for vaccines

Heuft is equipping one of the new production lines with an empty vial inspection so that there are no compromises to packaging safety.

Vaccine production capacities around the world are currently running at full speed. Despite this, the Covid-19 vaccine remains in short supply so that every dose counts. In order to maintain a high level of packaging safety, HEUFT is establishing an empty vial inspection on one of its new production lines.

The new development goes well beyond the requirements for parenteral products, which require 100% integrity testing of filled vials. The reason is because this packaging is examined at an earlier stage while it is still empty.

By detecting minute glass splinters that could be present in the hot sterilisation tunnel, faulty vials are detected before the actual filling process starts. Ideally, this prevents the vaccine from getting into the packaging in the first place.

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