Airnov maximises oxygen protection

Airnov innovations help maximize oxygen protection

Airnov Healthcare Packaging, a leading provider of controlled atmosphere packaging, provides a series of oxygen protection and simulation solutions that enable manufacturers of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products to optimize their product development cycles.

Often, the products in these categories require protective packaging because they are oxygen sensitive. The list includes drugs, probiotics, proteins, stents, surgical products, devices, and various dry products.

Airnov offers two crucial solutions – Oxynov Barrier Bottles and Pharmakeep – to protect such commodities.

With Oxynov barrier bottles, ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) and extrusion-blow-molding technology combine to create the highest barrier to oxygen and moisture available in this packaging category.

Moreover, these rigid bottles will not shrink when used with oxygen absorbers, providing a superior outcome compared to standard LDPE and HDPE bottles.

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