Interview with BioAlps Association

1. What do you think will be the biggest trends in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry for 2022?

• Digitalisation of processes
• Targeting a more sustainable manufacturing process
• Developing further mRNA treatments
• Moving away from gender-biased clinical trials and research
• Accelerating partnering with research and academic institutions
• Collaborating more intensively with life sciences clusters for access to innovation and business opportunities
• Establishing roadmap for the reallocation of large manufacturing infrastructures

2. The pharma industry has been pivotal during the pandemic, do you think this will continue into 2022?

Yes this will continue. The COVID-19 pandemic is not behind us yet. Moreover, the rise of different variants and the increased understanding regarding the implications of COVID-19, such as “long COVID”, imply that various new treatments and vaccines will be needed to reach a new normal as soon as possible. Thus the pharma industry will still hold a pivotal role in 2022.

3. How will Covid-19 affect the pharma industry in 2022?

The pharma and biotech industry will continue to be in the spotlight. The focus on COVID-19 prevents funding allocation for research for other diseases and pathologies. This implies a delay in clinical studies for non-COVID related diseases. In the meantime, funding for mRNA therapies and COVID-19 treatments continue to be facilitated. For example, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has allocated 27 million Swiss Francs for research for treatments against COVID-19. In the canton of Geneva, “GeNeuro’s project [was selected] within the framework of the Swiss “Federal Funding Programme for COVID-19 Medicines” to fund clinical research into drugs for COVID-19” (

The COVID-19 pandemic will also continue to affect contractual agreements in terms of delivery due to logistics and distribution inhibiting factors. Production disruption, due to labour shortage, sickness or quarantine, is also a consequence linked to the current epidemiological situation.

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