Lab testing equipment – NEO DPX

NEO stands for our new generation of compact benchtop inspection systems bringing usability and flexibility to the next level.

NEO DPX is designed for testing the integrity of container closures on a range of packages and products. This NEO DPX system provides three different differential pressure methods and a vacuum method in one system, improving sensitivity.

As a result of the user-friendly interface MAVIS installed on the NEO series, users increase their ease of use while also increasing process safety. An LED status bar indicates the inspection results to the operator. Widgets are used to create the graphic user interface, allowing operators to customize their control center. The operator guidance system leads the operator through processes ensuring process robustness and reducing operator failures.

Neo DPX is equipped with a PLC system for integrating data with higher-level systems, such as MES and SCADA. Finally, the NEO was complemented with a futuristic product design bringing an eye-catcher into laboratories.

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