TerraCycle has recognised Honeywell’s Aclar Barrier Film Blisters as technically recyclable for PVC and PETG-based blisters.

The team has developed a lab-scale process for separating Aclar from blister packaging in order to achieve technical recycling.

In order for products such as industrial process equipment, chemical apparatus, and automotive components that have traditionally been regarded as hard to recycle, technical recyclability is the first step toward practical recyclability.

Aclar is an ultra high-barrier film that’s been the industry’s trusted choice for pharmaceutical packaging for over 50 years.

Life Sciences portfolio also includes Aclar Edge bottles. Providing the moisture barrier protection required for drug stability and preserving the efficacy of medicines, Aclar films and Aclar Edge bottles help protect drugs that improve the lives of individuals worldwide.

TerraCycle collects and repurposes difficult or hard-to-recycle waste. They work with brands, retailers and other stakeholders to help develop recycling solutions for waste streams that are not typically curbside recyclable.


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