Concrete actions for the environment and counterfeiting at Essentra Packaging

Founding Partner of Connect in Pharma, Essentra Packaging is specialized in the development and the manufacturing of secondary packaging such as folding cartons, printed foils and labels for the pharmaceutical industry. With more than 3 000 employees and 22 facilities in Europe, North America and India, the headquarter of the company is located in the United Kingdom. Essentra Packaging benefits from a long experience and a state-of-the-art technology that allows it to propose appropriate products to fight against counterfeiting or falsification of healthcare products. Furthermore, a perfect knowledge of the requirements for packaging used during clinical trials, combined with an efficient R&D department and fully dedicated GMP-compliant production facilities, allow Essentra Packaging to offer laboratories solutions adapted to investigational drugs.

Interview with Laura López, Marketing Manager at Essentra Packaging:

The next decade will be strategically crucial for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Have you identified the main challenges ahead?

Laura LÓPEZ: Across the pharma and biotechnology sectors, there are important challenges shaping the future of the industry, but one of the most prevalent is the rise of fraud and counterfeit goods, which we expect to be a big topic of discussion at Connect In Pharma. The risk is enormous to both the consumer that uses illicit or fake drugs, which are not created to the same safety and quality standards as genuine products, as well as to the long-term health of the industry, eroding public confidence. Our strategic vision for the industry is helping the pharmaceutical businesses reach new heights of safety through our innovation activities. We supply a range of overt and covert anti-counterfeit options that work in tandem with our core product and service range, which also includes serialization and coding options. Another key sticking point is demand outstripping supply, particularly on the biotechnology side of the market. There is a clear need to get products to patients at the right time, which requires a comprehensively monitored supply chain; one that is tightly controlled. Pharma businesses overall are looking to shorten lead times while still operating at high volumes to ensure patients and end users have the access to products they need. With this drive for speed and volume, material shortages could end up presenting a large and very disruptive roadblock for the industry.

Today more than ever, it is essential for the pharmaceutical industry and its industrial partners to act for the environment. What are the strategies implemented by Essentra Packaging to achieve these objectives?

LP: The Essentra Packaging business is optimized around the needs of the market, and we focus on helping our customers to be successful both in their packaging design and supply, and in sustainability. We also have our own sustainability goals through processes and operations, which enable us to help our customers better meet future environmental needs. We take a path to sustainability that only an experienced printer could – with a flexible hybrid approach to printing that minimizes waste and errors. Pharmaceutical businesses trust Essentra Packaging to deliver because we can use design to keep material use to a minimum, as well as helping our customer to swap plastic out for fiberboard. Our holistic view of packaging sustainability is also demonstrated in our innovative product range, such as Re*flect, a 100% recyclable alternative to metallized polyester that offers the on-shelf appeal of metpol without the associated environmental impact

Could you tell us more about the reasons that have led Essentra Packaging to support Connect In Pharma by becoming a founding partner and what innovations will be presented?

LP: For our team at Essentra Packaging, it was an easy decision to become a founding partner of the Connect In Pharma exhibition. We are consistently looking to the future of the pharmaceutical sector, and this is an ethos very much shared by the event. Our customers rely on us to keep abreast of what’s happening both in our core packaging sector and in theirs. Shows like Connect In Pharma bring the industry together to share ideas, so we are demonstrating our commitment with a seat at the table. It’s set to be an exciting event that looks to ignite innovation, inspire and point the way forward for the market. That’s something that we aim for too at Essentra Packaging, making Connect In Pharma a fantastic opportunity to engage with our customers, new and old, and to showcase what we can do. At the show, we will be exhibiting a selection of our packaging, leaflet and label innovations at our booth #D23. Delegates will be able to discover our latest innovations including ComboPack® our leaflet pre-loading solution and PiggyBack®, a leaflet design technology that optimizes print space to help businesses achieve more with less. We will also highlight a selection of our safety and security features, including our pre-serialization, tamper evidence and anti-counterfeit solutions.

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