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AstraZeneca’s heart failure medication, Forxiga, has been approved in the EU

AstraZeneca’s main focus is in research and development, to work towards launching medicines that  treat some of the most complex diseases in the world across oncology, Biopharmaceuticals and Rare Diseases. They have developed a medication called Forxiga, that has been approved in the European Union by the European Commission. Forxiga has produced positive results in its two trials, DAPA-HF and DELIVER, and is the first and only treatment for symptomatic heart failure (HF) as the treatment has shown to fully impact the full ejection fraction range, benefitting morality.

The SGLT2 inhibitor is taken once a day orally, to prevent and delay cardiorenal diseases, as they can contribute to the cause of HF, which affects around 64 million people globally and is the leading cause for hospitalisation related to individuals over the age of 65.

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