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Insilico Medicine brings AI-powered “ChatPandaGPT” to its target discovery platform

Insilico Medicine, a company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) for drug discovery and development, has integrated its AI-powered chatbot, “ChatPandaGPT,” into its target discovery platform. The platform uses AI to identify new drug targets and predict the effectiveness of potential treatments, reports EurekAlert.

ChatPandaGPT provides researchers at Insilico Medicine with a more user-friendly interface for accessing and exploring the platform’s data, allowing them to ask questions using natural language and receive instant responses. It applies a deep learning model to identify therapeutic targets and has become more accessible thanks to the new integration of large language models.

This involvement of ChatPandaGPT is part of Insilico Medicine’s broader efforts to develop AI tools that can accelerate the drug discovery process. The company has previously used AI to identify new drug candidates and to predict the safety and efficacy of potential treatments. The addition of ChatPandaGPT to the target discovery platform could help to make these tools more accessible to researchers and potentially accelerate the development of new treatments for a range of diseases.

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