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Heart failure: Lexicon’s new treatment INPEFA™ has been approved by the FDA

The biopharmaceutical  company Lexicon, have announced the approval of their drug INPEFA™ (sotagliflozin) by the FDA in effort to treatment heart failure. The treatment it taken orally on a daily-basis in the form of a table. It works to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death, hospitalisation or urgent visits for adults suffering from heart failure or type 2 diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease, sand other cardiovascular risk factors.

Heart failure affects around 6.7 million Americans, with the number expected to increase rapidly in the next few years. It is the leading cause for hospitalisations in individuals aged 65 and older at approximately 1.3 million a year.

INPEFA is a dual inhibitor of sodium-glucose co-transporter type 2 (SGLT2) and type 1 (SGLT1), making it a unique and powerful therapeutic option. The approval of INPEFA is the result of two robust clinical trials, SOLOIST-WHF (Worsening Heart Failure) and SCORED, which collectively enrolled nearly 12,000 patients. SOLOIST-WHF demonstrated that INPEFA significantly reduced the risk of hospitalisations for heart failure, urgent visits for heart failure, and cardiovascular death by an impressive 33% when compared to a placebo. These remarkable results demonstrate the potential of INPEFA to transform the treatment landscape for heart failure patients, particularly those who have recently been hospitalised for worsening heart failure.

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