Drug Delivery Systems

Learn the purpose behind drug delivery systems

Safely transporting and delivering drugs to the patient

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Through engineered technologies, drug delivery systems control the administration of the product to the patient. They must take into consideration various requirements of the active therapeutic ingredient, the patient’s needs and, for self-administration, user-friendliness of the design. Consequently, this requires solutions that are secure, easy to handle whilst maintaining the integrity of the drug. With a rise of personalized treatments, the need for innovative drug delivery systems increases.  With the development of personalised treatments, even greater changes are expected in the near future with the development, industrialisation and contract manufacturing of drug delivery systems.

Drug delivery systems using nanotechnology have been shown to improve the treatment of cancer. Nanovectors include different types of engineered nanoparticles that now come in many different types of ‘smart’ drug delivery systems. They are miniaturised structures to convey and release the active ingredient directly into the cell. Consequently reducing the side effects of the treatment such as chemo. They can also act like a contrast agent for diagnosis.

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