Drug delivery systems

Discover the latest developments and innovations in drug delivery systems

Safely transporting and delivering drugs to the patient

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Drug delivery systems are one of the four core areas of Connect in Pharma. This is a crucial area within the pharma and biotech world as the understanding of the assemblies of the overall system is vital to ensure the safety and efficiency of delivering the drug to the patient.

In conjunction with the conferences, Connect in Pharma hosted a unique workshop programme designed to provide a sharp focus on the latest developments in pharma and biotech especially within the drug delivery systems. Some of the workshops dedicated towards drug delivery systems included using smart prefilled syringes to optimize the delivery of biologics in clinical trials thus, giving insights regarding how one could reduce their time to market within injectable drug delivery containment in collaborating early in clinical stage and de-risking ones drug combination product development with data driven results.

Henceforth stay tuned regarding our exclusive workshop programmes to come in 2023. Where you will be able to witness live demonstrations from smart prefilled syringes and much more.

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