14 & 15 June 2023 Palexpo, Geneva

Conferences - Day 1

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2022 morning session: post-covid: the future for European pharma production


09:45 - 09:55



Thierry Lhuillier, Industrial Performance and Operational Efficiency Director, UPSA


10:00 - 10:30

The European pharmaceutical industry facing the challenges of health dependency: constraints and opportunities

Even on a budgetary scale, improving health security is more than just adjusting economic variables. As a result of such an ambition, health-related industrial policies must involve new trade-offs at several levels.

A new challenge in public policy faces us. In the race to develop vaccines, European countries have been constrained by two trends: 1) the fragility of their positions in a globalized industry and 2) the inability to position themselves on biotechnology opportunities. 

Marie Coris,  Researcher in economics at University of Bordeaux

10:35 - 11:05

Establishing a strong and competitive industry in Europe: what does that mean – Upsa in Agen as a showcase

 • Recent crisis as an accelerator

•  A multistep approach to compete in a European site

• Local anchoring : a responsibility

• Economics and regulation – Orientation and perspective for strengthening the competitiveness and sustainability of European sites.

Thierry Lhuillier, Industrial Performance and Operational Efficiency Director, UPSA


11:20 - 11:50

Relocation of the production of pharmaceuticals: A strategic endeavour for the European Union

Many governmental and political leaders have reacted by requiring the relocation of pharmaceutical production in Europe since January 2020. The purpose of this presentation was to explore how supply chains are structured, to what extend production could be repatriated into Europe and what are the roadblocks to such endeavour.

Jean-François Hilaire, Executive Committee Member, Head of Business Unit Advanced Delivery Systems, Recipharm

11:55- 12:25

Euroject® Innovation in Injectables

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many governments sought a health sovereignty tool to provide a sufficient number of vaccine doses for their population. By developing Euroject, a ready-to-use single-dose injection system that is open and free of intellectual property, Unither Pharmaceutical is offering a solution under full European control with numerous advantages for European patients in terms of deployment capacity, cost and implementation by healthcare staff. 

Eric Goupil , CEO, Unither Pharmaceuticals


12:25 - 12:45

Q&A session

After the four morning sessions, visitors were given the opportunity to get involved in a Q&A session.

By getting involved in the Q&A session, it enabled curiosities to be quenched regarding the hot topics seen within the morning sessions.

Stay tuned regarding the future line ups for the upcoming 2023 event! 

2022 afternoon session: developing innovative packaging solutions


14:00 - 14:15



Tiffany McIntire, Principal Human Factors Engineer, Roche


14:15 - 14:45

Patient-focused drug-delivery solutions for subcutaneous injection of large molecule biologics

A patient-focused approach was implemented to address subcutaneous administration of large volumes of large-molecule biologics. Furthermore, Patient Preference Information (PPI) is studied both from the regulatory aspect and from the results of two existing clinical studies. In order to address the patient and user needs, we need to focus on SC administration and current landscape of drug delivery solutions for large molecules biologics.

Dr. Reza Abedian, Senior Medical Affairs Manager, Gerresheimer


14:50- 15:20

How to better control the unknown factors of innovative developments and accelerate them

The organization must control project progress if it wants to accelerate projects. The presentation covered the major challenges (materials/regulations, customer requirements, design/use, and process/industrialization). 

• The different means to anticipate failures 

• Partnership – simulation. It is a process or is it functional?

• Modelling – prototyping 

Isabelle Constant, Research & Development Director at Technoflex 


15:35 - 16:05

Developing patient-centric packaging solutions

• How to identify projects in your pharmaceutical pipeline that would benefit from HF expert review and testing

• Examples of packaging solutions developed following the Human Factors process

• A review of regulations in order to adhere to best practices

Tiffany McIntire, Principal Human Factors Engineer, Roche


16:10- 16:40

Combination Product Development Considerations for Subcutaneous 2 mL Dose Delivery

This presentation highlighted how manual, syringe-based injections, when given with the appropriate ergonomic and design considerations, may enable subcutaneous single-dose self-injections beyond the traditional boundaries of volume and viscosity. We shared results of a human factors study on manual injection for viscous and large volume (1-2 mL) drug delivery.

 We also presented key considerations and supportive elements that can be provided by delivery system manufacturers to aid bio-pharmaceutical companies in developing their combination product. These elements include, but are not limited to, assembly, documentation, testing services, robust human factors testing, and multi-system integration across various delivery presentations to support leverage of the selected delivery system(s) as a platform.

Vincent Laperle, Techhnical Services Specialist at BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems


16:40 - 17:00

Q&A session

After the four morning sessions, Visitors had the opportunity to get involved in a Q&A session.

By getting involved in the Q&A session, enabling visitors curiosity to be quenched in relation to the hot topics seen in the afternoon sessions.

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