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CONNECT IN PHARMA confirms the dates of 2nd & 3rd June 2021 for its first edition at Palexpo in Geneva

For its first edition, which genesis predates the Covid crisis, but whose design was thought during the pandemic, CONNECT IN PHARMA confirms, in agreement with all its partners, the initial dates of its occuring, June 2nd & 3rd of 2021, at the Palais des Expositions et des Congrès in Geneva, Palexpo.

Indeed, at the beginning of 2021, several indicators suggest that the situation will improve over the months and that June 2021 will be the economic recovery. Nevertheless, CONNECT IN PHARMA is closely monitoring this health crisis in order to take any additional measures necessary to ensure the smooth running of this event.
That's why we want to make CONNECT IN PHARMA the first physical event of the sector to be held since many months and thus offer its players the opportunity to meet and reconnect, to stimulate a dynamic return to "business" of the market.

In practical terms, CONNECT IN PHARMA is designed to measure the situation. This event, compatible with the current health restrictions, will allow completely secure reception conditions for all participants through the implementation of the following devices:

  • hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers, protective masks...
  • various signposts recalling the essential sanitary barriers to ensure safety to all participants through the visitor route,
  • zones of separate lectures and exhibitions,
  • differentiated entrance and exit, with an imposed traffic direction within these spaces,
  • physical distancing within the exhibition space and conference rooms.

Connect IN PHARMA has been conceived from its beginning as a "premium" event featuring a platform of excellence for pharmaceutical and biotech production.
Also, in the context of this first edition, the implementation of the sanitary measures requires a special logistical organization to allow an event in the present. In this context, CONNECT IN PHARMA will host a limited number of exhibiting companies.
On the visitors' side, CONNECT IN PHARMA has chosen to focus on"Business Meetings" in order to anticipate, organize and thus streamline on-site appointments.

The entire facility proposed by CONNECT IN PHARMA thus ensures that an event is held in accordance with health rules while favouring a premium, qualitative and enriching experiential approach.

We will certainly adapt this system to reflect changing sanitary conditions and WHO-recommended measures for national gatherings and regulations.

CONNECT IN PHARMA The new European Event 100% focused on pharma & biopharma production

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