5 & 6 June 2024
Palexpo, Geneva
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About us

Founded in 2007, ARaymondlife is a French pharmaceutical company that designs and produces packaging solutions for the healthcare industries. As a subsidiary of the ARaymond network, a family owned business for more than 155 years and one of the world leaders in plastic injection molding and assembly of fastening solutions for the automotive sector, ARaymondlife benefits from recognized expertise. This know-how in thermoplastic injection and bi-injection allows it to develop innovative solutions and offer the market global answers, in collaboration with international partners.

Since 2012, ARaymondlife offers its own patented RayDyLyo® pharmaceutical packaging range, developed internally by its design office. RayDyLyo is a plastic press-fit closure for injectable vials and is an alternative to the aluminum cap.
RayDyLyo® is the capping solution suited to the economic, technological and organizational challenges of the industrial plant of the future.
The RayDyLyo® range simplifies production processes and meets the need for flexibility of manufacturers of new molecules (cell therapies, biosimilars, oncology, monoclonal antibodies), from the development phase to mass production.
It is available in 13 and 20 mm diameters to suit different vial sizes.
RayDyLyo® is suitable for use manually in clinical batch production as well as filling in isolators and serial production on filling lines.

Based in Isère, ARaymondlife is worth 80 employees committed to human values shared by the entire network. The company puts innovation at the service of its customers to build a true collaboration. To do so, it develops an entrepreneurial spirit including risk-taking, collective effort and the search for success for a sustainable future.

Building on the success of RayDyLyo®, ARaymondlife will soon expand into North America.


RayDyLyo® TearCap

RayDyLyo® TearCap

THE LATEST INNOVATION IN THE RAYDYLYO RANGE RayDyLyo® TearCap is a bi-material part that can be completely and easily removed from the vial. This allows

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RayDyLyo® Pharmaceutical Packaging

RayDyLyo® Pharmaceutical Packaging

Since 2012, ARaymondlife offers its own patented range of pharmaceutical packaging: RayDyLyo®. RayDyLyo® is the new standard closure, ready-to-use, for injectable vials with high added value, an alternative response to the aluminum cap.

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