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DESOTEC GmbH Sondermaschinenbau

DESOTEC GmbH Sondermaschinenbau

About us

We provide excellent customised machinery for pro
ducts on all areas of everyday life. If you consider e. g. a spray head of a nasal spray, the valve of a deo spray, the pump on a dispenser, a infusion tube at the hospital or the canula on an injection with a large likelihood a assembly machine of DESOTEC was involved on its production.

The wishes and targets of our customers steer our operation, their satisfaction is our goal. We design customised machinery with unconventional ideas, convincing concepts and individual strategies. Branch independend and holistic to the installation by our trained experts. Our goal is the realisation of quality, quantity and effectivity. In short: Your success.

DESOTEC has faced many different requirements of the market within it’s over 30 years of existence. With success! We construct safe machinery for many different branches. These are e. g.:

Pharmaceutical / Medical
Beauty + Home
Food + Beverage



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