14 & 15 June 2023 Palexpo, Geneva

Jerome Raguin, Founder & CEO, ASCENTYS ESG

Operating at the intersection of Strategy and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).
His vision at Ascentys is to make ESG assessments more accessible to all companies, regardless of their size, believing that ESG should be a lens though which modern businesses should run themselves.

Prior to starting Ascentys, he worked with Legal & Compliance functions across Europe, Asia and North America for over fifteen years. With his experience including advising large, global organizations in creating target operating models, selecting the right technologies, gaining cost transparency and executing change management initiatives. Having led Elevate’s Strategic Sustainability initiative, working with stakeholders across the organisation as well as outside the company to ensure continuous delivering of a positive impact on ESG aspects in which we operate.

I have built, expanded and ran teams, departments and businesses for the past 20 years.
I love combining my creativity and logical “right-side” brain to define solutions and strategies, structure plans and execute them.


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