5 & 6 June 2024
Palexpo, Geneva
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2022 Workshops - Day 2

The Connect in Pharma workshops deliver high quality and technical content designed in collaboration with world-leading organisations.

10:00 - 10:45

Körber pharma ecosystem - delivering the difference in pharma manufacturing!

The workshop focused on explaining and understanding the ecosystem of Körber Pharma, including some entertaining details about Körber Pharma expertise and explaining why and how it delivers the difference in pharma manufacturing. 

The workshop was an interactive platform for our audience and participants to explore Körber as a brand and its expertise in Pharma machinery, visual inspection machines, software, materials for pharma packaging and consulting in pharma manufacturing including topics such as Pharma 4.0, vertical and horizontal integration and best practices. 

Let’s buckle up and prepare to soar through the skies to explore the world of Körber!

Dr. Sukhada Chaturvedi , International Account Manager, Körber

10:50 - 11:05

Automation in the production of medical devices for IVD

Automated processes are the capstone of our most challenging projects. At SGH Healthcaring, we bring value on top of our injection expertise by designing and implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Our in-house RPA team identifies operational steps that can be streamlined by using technology, robotics and modern computing: it is all about finding the right compromise between Price / Quality / Efficiency / Volumes (to be secured). RPA systems make new levels of accuracy and flexibility possible when marking, assembling, conditioning and controlling medical devices and plastic consumables.
Let’s emphasize our RPA approach through the example of our newest fully automated cleanroom for IVD consumables!

Olivier Derouard, Head of Sales & Marketing SGH Healthcaring


11:10 - 11:55

Direct API filling, advantages of a new trend

At Harro Höfliger we see the trend of direct API filling with solid powders for the development phase and beyond. Under direct API filling, we understand that there is no need for any additional blending process with excipients. Special technology from Harro Höfliger enables you to dose poor flowing powders.

Jan Paetzold , Sales Manager, Uhlmann Höfliger Schweiz

12:00 - 12:45

Reducing your time to market of Injectable drug delivery containment in collaborating early in clinical stage

Pharma & biotech companies focus on research & discovery of molecules, but the delivery system is often forgotten in the development process. In the early stages of clinical development (phase I), it can be beneficial to discuss different packaging options for the targeted patient populations taking into account the challenges associated with the drug molecules (concentration, dose, dry, liquid/liquid, etc…) with the associated manufacturing concerns.
Thus, defining injectable delivery needs and expectations, while simultaneously working with a capable partner, are more than recommended. 

Wenzel Novak PhD, Senior Global Director Business Development MDS, Gerresheimer 

Jean-Edouard Rabier, Project Management Director & Sales Development Gx Biological Solutions, Gerresheimer 


12:50- 13:05

Deterministic technology for container closure integrity testing – MicroCurrent HVLD solutions from the lab to production

As industry demands associated with container closure integrity testing (CCIT) are becoming more dynamic, solutions that can adapt are more instrumental than ever. These forward-thinking advancements have driven the shift of focus towards modern, deterministic technologies. This presentation reviewed alternative technology options, with a special focus on MicroCurrent HVLD technology for parenteral products, and data integrity compliance capabilities that are critical due to a wide variety of applications and regulatory requirements.

Mr. Joerg Reinecke , Sales Director EMEA at PTI

14:00- 14:45

Euroject®: an innovative BFS-based device for single dose injection of therapeutics

Recent innovations have opened up the possibility of using BFS technology to design aseptic packaging systems combining the efficiency of high-throughput production with the highest guarantees of sterility. The result is a new type of pre-filled, single-dose disposable device that can be produced in very large numbers with a high-speed rotary machine, at very low production costs. Euroject® can contribute to greater equity in access to new vaccines and to ensuring safe vaccine administration, while being simple and cost effective.

Alexandre Fontayne , Chief Scientist Officer for Biological products, Unither Pharmaceuticals


14:50 - 15:05

The market and regulatory trends for CMOs; a case study

The world of CMOs is influenced by its environment. Customer demands and wishes and adaptation to regulatory changes are some of the challenges of a CMO. we saw how a company like BioConnection has grown while adapting to its environment. A CMO point of view.
Alexander Willemse, CEO, BioConnection

15:10- 15:55

Developing a biologics? Select the right partner to get your product to market faster

Choosing the right partner to help get your biologic to the market is critical to its success. It’s important to work with an experienced manufacturing partner that can adapt to your needs and grow with your program. From process development to packaging and everything in between, your partner should have the supply-chain network and scale-up experience to take your product through the clinic and into commercial launch, faster. 

Andrea Como, VP, Head of Drug Product, Europe, Catalent


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